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Searching for the Most effective way for Saving in
Building Services Cost

Even if you are not acquiring our assistance with the planning or design of your project, our consultants will be more than happy to offer expert advice on affordable M&E cost-saving solutions. We understand that staying within your project's budget is always difficult, which is why we work closely with you to find cost-effective solutions.

£1.2 M Savings in M&E cost by Value Engineering

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Best Value Engineering Approach

Value Engineering is concerned with maximising value, not just reducing costs, Although virtually all projects have opportunities for improved value and reduce the overall cost.The VE process is the objective to identifying those opportunities.

VEbs Consultant identifies and provides opportunities to optimize the design in progress while validating project scope, budget, and costs. Activities undertaken during VE studies include:

  • Validating project initial cost and budget.
  • Ascertaining best value alternatives Product
  • Best Alternate design options.
  • Reviewing design compatibility.
  • Best procurement options.

Shedding Light on Best Value Alternative Product

Although we are able to help source alternatives for a variety of MEP products, we have often been asked to assist and guide in this regard. In this case, we will search for an alternative product which will be the best value for Money and compatible with the one already selected.

Assisting Contractors

While the majority of our clients have commissioned a contractor to complete their project, our consultants are also able to work directly with contractors themselves. Once you have secured the job with your client, we will help you find affordable solutions that help to keep your works costs to a minimum.

Affordable Consultancy

Through our industry contacts we are able to access discounted prices for a range of products and installations. The savings are passed on to our customers, and will be reflected in the competitive nature of our costs.

Reviewing Plans and Cost

Contact us now to discuss the most affordable building solutions and materials.